Rubber Band Grades and Qualities provides rubber bands in three standard grades.  The list below summarizes the qualities inherent to each grade.

Premium Grade Rubber Bands (80-90% Rubber content)

  • High count per pound.
  • Highest tensile strength.
  • Easy stretch application.
  • A wide range of available sizes.
  • Used for Custom orders & Custom Color orders.
  • Long life…great for reuse.
  • 500%+ elongation
  • Highest cost per pound (*)
  • Meets Federal Specification AA-131-A.

Postal Grade / Mid-Range Quality Rubber Bands (70-75% Rubber content)

  • Mid-range rubber content
  • Good count per pound.
  • High tensile strength.
  • A wide range of available sizes.
  • 400+/-% elongation
  • Moderate price per pound (*)
  • Good for industrial applications.

Economy Quality Rubber Bands

  • Intended for one time use (bands do not return to their original size after being stretched).
  • Available in the most commonly used sizes.
  • Lowest cost per pound (*)
  • Good tensile strength
  • Heavier band with firm stretch
  • 300% elongation+/-.

(*) – Rubber is light and the fillers used to reduce rubber content (usually Clay or paraffin) normally weight twice that of rubber.  Therefore the counts per pound usually drop about 15% for each 10% rubber content reduction.  So while Premium bands have a higher price per pound, the price per piece may actually run the same as the economy product.