Rubber Band Materials

Materials used to make Rubber Bands – Natural and Synthetic Rubber

The following is a list of the 6 main product categories we offer:

Premium Grade Rubber Bands
Postal Mid-Range Grade Rubber Bands
Economy Grade Rubber Bands
Specialized Use Rubber Bands
Latex Free Rubber Bands
Mover/Pallet Rubber Bands

All the above items are made of 1 of 3 different compounds:  Natural Rubber, Latex Free Synthetic Rubber or EPDM.  These different compounds are highlighted below:

  • Natural Rubber Products: 95% of our items sold by volume are made of natural rubber derived from latex sap taken from rubber trees.  Rubber trees are only cultivated in tropical regions located within 10° of the Earth’s equator. As no natural rubber is grown within the USA, all the rubber used to make rubber bands is imported.
  • Natural rubber is the only component used in all of our Premium, Postal/Mid-Range, Economy Grade bands, Pallet/Mover Bands and most Specialized Products (items like Anti-Static, Anchor, Ceramic, Color, Custom Cut, Pallet/Mover, Parachute, Produce/Printed Bands, etc.)
  • Latex-Free Bands are made of Synthetic Rubber and are primarily used in the medical industry where rubber related allergies and/or anti-microbial issues are of greater concern. The largest example of synthetic rubber use are automobile tires.
  • EPDM is a synthetic rubber whose main ingredients ethylene and propylene are derived from oil and natural gas. Its high resistance to heat, weather conditions and ozone changes make EPDM rubber products durable. EPDM is the same substance used to coat most household appliance electrical cords. While EPDM has less elongation capability it has much higher heat and UV light tolerances. Because EPDM is mixed and extruded similar to natural rubber, we can provide this rubber alternative as a custom order option.

Standard Band Quality GradesOur Standard Rubber Band Products of (7/4” to 17” Flat Length) fall into 1 of 4 main categories:Premium Grade
Mid-Range Grade (Postal/Latex Free Products)
Economy Grade
Specialized Use Bands (Natural Rubber and Synthetic Rubber)As a general rule, the quality of a rubber band is linked directly to its rubber percentage content.  The higher its rubber percentage, the higher its quality.Rubber bands are generally manufactured with rubber content percentage between 50% to 90% rubber content.  Bands with a lower percentage of rubber content are cheaper to make and therefore, sell for a lower cost per pound.Lower content bands are generally not the best value. This is because materials added to dilute rubber content are usually low value silicone or paraffin fillers. These type rubber bands are cheaper to make and sell at lower cost. Also, lower content rubber bands do not stretch as far and have a shorter shelf life.Generallythe rubber content percentage in our rubber bands is as follows:

  • Premium Grade – 80-90% rubber content
  • Standard/Postal Grade – 65-75% rubber content
  • Economy Grade – 55-60% rubber content

Premium or Standard? Money Matters!

Premium Grade has a higher rubber content than Standard. Although Standard Grade costs less, you’ll get more bands in your pound with Premium. If it’s lowest cost you want, choose Standard. But, if you need the best value, go Premium!

Highest rubber content Moderate rubber content
Easy stretch Firmer grip
Longest life Less re-use
500% elongation 400% elongation
Highest cost per pound Moderate cost per pound
Best Value! Great Value